You have been invited to attend the

Raynor Cerebellum Project Big Ideas Summit!


Attendee Information and Agenda 

You can find out more about the attendees participating in the Summit and the outline of the agenda for April 9th through April 12th using the buttons below. Attendees will receive a more detailed agenda and a full bios booklet ahead of the Summit. 

Summit Dates - April 9-12, 2024

RCP Summit Location

The Sanctuary Camelback Mountain- Scottsdale

5700 E McDonald Dr.

Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Full Bios Booklet with welcome message, agenda and itinerary can be found at the link below.

Booking Travel 


Attendees are expected to arrive no later than 5pm on Tuesday, April 9th, to attend the welcome dinner. The Summit will conclude on Friday, April 12th at 12pm, so we recommend booking departing flights at 2pm or later. 

If your flight will be over 3 hours you qualify to book business class flights for the event. If you are arriving in Phoenix from a city you do not live in that we would not have on file that qualifies you for a 3+ hour flight please communicate that with us before purchasing. 


The RCP Team will be booking your hotel room under your name from April 9th through the 12th unless otherwise noted by attendee. 

Confirmation + Reimbursement:

Once you have completed your bookings, please click the Travel Confirmation tab to submit your flight itinerary or driving details no later than Monday, February 26th. 

Reimbursements must be submitted through the Foundation's Reimbursement Form

In return for your partnership in executing our mission, The Raynor Cerebellum Project will book your accommodations and will reimburse reasonable travel expenses; including economy flights, mileage, travel meals, and/or ground transfers. Meals, snacks, and lodging will be provided during the Summit.

When you complete your RCP Summit Registration you will select your reimbursement preference. We will utilize your registration information along with the Foundation Form to process your reimbursements.

  • Reimbursements are separated into 3 categories; Travel (airline/mileage driven, etc), Rideshare (Uber/Lyft), and Meals. 
  • Please keep in mind we reimburse for reasonable expenses for the above categories.
  • You may use the form more than once. 
  • You can upload up to 5 files for each category in a single submission. 

Thank you for your insight and expertise shared during our Raynor Cerebellum Project gathering. Raynor Cerebellum Project values your contributions to the program and will reimburse the cost of reasonable travel expenses related to the gathering.