Inaugural Raynor Cerebellum Project Postdoc Summit

November 19-22, 2024
Sanctuary Camelback Resort
Scottsdale, Arizona

Interested applicants must apply and reference applications must be submitted by August 1, 2024.

Drawing from the approach in our recent Big Ideas Summit, the RCP Postdoc Summit will focus on creating new approaches to use invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation as a therapy for patients with cerebellar disorders. We hope to engage early career professionals to hear their viewpoints and ideas in the same space. One of the goals of RCP is to enlist the creativity of the next generation of scientists and to support them in their career development. All expenses will be covered by RCP for accepted attendees.

This meeting will also generate funding opportunities. There will be potential for post-doctoral fellowships or transition awards for Summit attendees. The availability of quick funding opportunities reflects our dedication to sparking a major breakthrough in the field of neural stimulation.

Attendees will share their input and expertise to assist RCP in deciding how to allocate funding in support of its mission to improve the lives of those with cerebellar disorders in as short a time as possible. Additionally, attendees will share their ideas that align with RCP's focus and interest areas. The results of these discussions have the potential to provide opportunities for attendees and their institutions to receive research grants capable of furthering RCP's mission. 


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Demonstrated interest in and connection to the fields of neural stimulation, cerebellar function and dysfunction, or “AI” broadly construed.
  • Specifically, Neuroscientists, Neurosurgeons, and Neurologists, as well as experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Engineering.
  • Current postdoctoral fellows or senior graduate students preparing to enter postdoc placements.

Big Ideas Summit Countdown

About RCP

The Raynor Cerebellum Project was launched in 2022 by the Once Upon a Time Foundation, a $250 million private foundation based in Fort Worth, TX. The Foundation initiated the Raynor Cerebellum Project with the goal of finding the shortest path to improving the lives of people suffering from cerebellar disorders. The Raynor Cerebellum Project will be known as the greatest collaboration of minds and resources solving the issues of cerebellar dysfunction and disorders.

About Summits & Symposia

The RCP hosts regular events convening experts and collaborators in the field of cerebellar research. Our inaugural event, the Big Ideas Summit, took place in September 2022 — a summit with a diverse group of leading scientists who engaged in collaborative brainstorming to develop innovative research directions with the potential to improve the lives of people with cerebellar disease.